Kart weights needed last second (Where?)

My 7 year old is doing his first race this weekend. I waited too long to order kart weights from the online shops and the closest kart shop to me is out of stock, I found out today. Is there something I can rig up from Home Depot or a hardware store? Any other ideas? I’ll need around 25 pounds.

Check with your local tire shop if they have some old wheel weights you could buy and melt into a suitable size :+1:t2:

They are often made of led

An option might be a sporting good store. Grab some five pound plates. Going to need large fender washers as the hole in the plate will be much larger than a 5/16” or M8 bolt. They will most likely need to be painted white for rules and safety.

Find the local diving shops.

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Diving shops are the way. They’ll have lots of weights that will be easily mounted.

You can make your own weights with lead shot, a campfire burner, and an old muffin tin as well. Mini bundt cake tins work best since they have a hole in the middle for a bolt.

Plus your weights will have some classical elegance.

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Plumbing supply houses sell lead by the nuget I believe its 25lbs they are connected but when you split them they are already 5 lb round pucks just need to paint them white and drill

The only reason I didn’t recommend this is melting lead is seriously toxic. If you go this route please do it outside and with a respirator. Can confirm it’s easy enough to do. Had great success making weights back when we were running dirt late models with old chevy small block valve cover as a mold.

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You could also try to search up some dirt kart guys for sale ads near you on marketplace. Ask them if they will sell you some.

Like last second? Probably wait after scale lane and zip weight off an unsuspecting victim! :smile:

For real tho, I always have like 60lbs of lead for no reason so people can borrow it if needed. I am sure at any race you can usually find some weight to get you through the day, or people selling it.

This is what I did. There’s a kart shop in my hometown for dirt karts.

Where are you located?

Comet Kart or TS Racing will have them with expedited shipping.Even under normal shipping, I usually get my orders in 48 hours.