Kart-World Kazakhstan

What kind of power do you need to charge the karts?

On the other end of the scale you can find used fleets of gas rental karts pretty reasonable these days. As low as $2500/piece, especially as more more places move to electric and need to move their gassers to make room.

Acquire some tires for barriers, a warehouse and a lot of sweat equity and you too can have a job for yourself that you might loath :laughing:

Oh, insurance too.

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Actually Bizkarts are currently advertising Andretti kart’s fleet of RTX electric karts. I guess they’re renewing

6kw is maximum power draw, it tapers down as you’d expect as the battery charge comes up. Figure 3kw since they’ll be still on about 65% at least after a 12m session. You could probably average it out at 2kwh per charger per hour. Leccy is cheap as in KZ $0.055 per kWh.

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Could you run 4-stroke kart engines on propane? Just a thought.

I have seen photos from outside the USA of rental karts with what appear to be propane tanks.

Looks like hobbyists in USA do this:

Yeah some rental tracks run propane, you still have to contend with fumes, although much reduced.

Electric is the way to go for rentals though. Easier to communicate between staff and customers and customers don’t have to worry about their clothes smelling like junk when they leave. Also opens up more opportunities for prime locations due to noise control.