Kart-World Kazakhstan

Project’s getting pretty serious now, all the configuration aspects are decided.


Thoughts? Ignore the ‘width’ it’s just to show the layout. It’ll be between 4.5-5.5m wide pretty much everywhere.

Fleet (initial):
Sodi RSX2 x20
Sodi LRX (junior) x6
Sodi kidracer x2 or 3

Apex Timing suite

Going with rollovers and belts purely because of the plethora of concrete pillars

Prestigious location in the capital’s special economic zone, which gives me some tax relief benefits. Sitting above is a shopping mall, office block, residential tower and a busy Sheraton hotel in the same complex.

Long way to go still to get it to fruition, I’ll share the milestones along the way


Looks sweet to me. How long is it?

Waiting for the designers to confirm. Should be around 600m, maybe a bit more. The foot print is something like 115m x 45m

With the Sheraton, I think you’ll get some bored business travelers sending it!

Very cool that you are taking this leap. So now we have another race director/facility owner to give us the “other side” of karting, the biz stories/challenges.

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@Stacker doesn’t this remind you somehow of Autokomerc?

Back straight to finish is almost the same!!!image

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Excited for you. When you do anticipate you might open? I have old Sodi RX7’s and it’s hard to fault them, they are well thought out and spares are still available.

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Shooting for June. Once everything is in place by end of this year I need then to apply for a business visa and company incorporation which takes about 4 months. Then about 2 months to build the facility.

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Oh well, that looks preeetty similar I would say. At least looking from the layout picture, it does remind me of it. It does seem more open and faster but general idea is quite close. It has a hairpin as well, similar lap ending, a bit stretched at the beginning but that is about it.

600 meters is about 1/3 mile correct? That seems like a really tight track. Looks fantastic though, I like the layout, looks fun.

It’s indoors don’t forget, fairly average length for an indoor track. I dislike tracks that incessantly snake in and out of the pillars, this one is fairly open in that regard to allow for some overtaking. Least that’s my thought process.

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Okay, then that makes more sense.

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Plenty of room for expansion looking forward also, I’ll be occupying initially around 4500 sqm out of 22500 on that level. There are 4x 45,000 sqm levels all told, each split into two.

Don’t get too excited, this is just a render of registration reception. Not sure about the podium on the right, I think I’ll change that to registration kiosks. The track on the floor will guide guests on to and through the coffee shop and waiting area which opens out to trackside with folding glass doors and on to the safety brief zone. Big tv there will annunciate next group briefing. Those frames at the end on the right will display suits, gloves, boots, helmets etc that we’ll sell.

Some jigging around of the area which is now a tad bigger and a big ‘L’ at just under 5000 sq m (53800 sq ft). Track will be 400m long with a decent lap time around 35s

Planning is all done and costed, shooting it out to investors this week, owner of the building it’s going to be in are very interested to see it, I’m not holding my breath it’s quite a diversification from their usual portfolio. Hopefully August September to open, it’s such a good project I don’t envisage much trouble getting the investment secured. I’ve really found my mojo with this, so much energy for it I swear!


Good. It’s modern and swanky. I approve.

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@speedcraft people can practice their race walking during their down time!

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Ha, assimilation complete! :+1: :joy:

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Richard, approximately how much am I going to need to build my own indoor rental facility?


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Also. Espresso machine.

Disco ball somewhere would be nice. Are you going to do do cool lighting?

I like the tunnel entrance.

Fat man sitting on a little stool takes my money Kazak style.

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Yeah it’s crazy, the energy just comes from nowhere and keeps moving you forward. I lost 10lbs on the opening week of the track this year from all the running around, I have no idea where the energy came from to be able to move that much.

Needless to say, make sure you’re taking time out to refresh, even if you feel you don’t need to.


Actually it varies hugely. Biggest cost is building the facility, so if you can find a warehouse up for rent it’s better. You can do it yourself piece by piece with barriers etc but to get the likes of PGK to do a single level track around $300k, dual level at least double that.

Ancillary areas - reception, cafe, briefing area not too much mostly paint and ikea cabinets. Maybe some partition walls but that’s real cheap.

Kart fleet is probably the biggest after building a warehouse, 20 Sodi RSX will come in at around $400k, and you’ll only put 10 on track at once because the other 10 will be charging. ICE models around half that, without the half number on track restriction. But then you have to install and run an evacuation system for the air, consider environment - will it be cold in winter? If you gotta heat the space your heating bill will triple because you’re extracting the air you just heated. Plus Petrol costs and safe storage of that petrol will add to your costs.

Timing system around $15k plus 500 monthly sub.

All in you can do a good track for around $800k if you’re renting a warehouse. Add a couple of m on top to build one purposely.

Research is key, population and their demographics. Identify target market numbers and break it down into serviceable (those who can come to you) and serviceable obtainable (those who will come) markets, don’t consider you’ll capture more than 35% of serviceable as your obtainable for planning.

There’s a bank in Canadaland BDC who have a wealth of freely available business planning templates online with accompanying idiots guide, if you feel inclined to look into feasibility.