Karting as a corporate team build exercise

Unashamedly touting for ideas here :grin:

I know about using Karting for team building in the sense of a day or night out together building on comradeship, but what can be done to build on planning and strategizing together? Ideas?

For example, one thing I have in mind would be a 60 minute race in teams of 3. Min 2 stops with a minimum stint time for each. Each team gets given a credit to use before Quali on either a track walk with the coach, or a 10 minute practice session. They have to decide as a team which will give them a more favorable result.

Any ideas and thoughts welcomed!


Not a bad idea, but karting and racing are not universally loved or appreciated. Then you have the lunks that think karts are just bumper cars that go faster, especially if they are losing and want to spoil the fun. for the leaders.

My company started doing it as a 3 race event at a local track about 10-12 years ago. I was looking back and it started with maybe 20 guys. Now they cap it at 50 and run 2 separate days with a wait list.

Covid killed it. The guy that used to run it left the company. And it was recently dropped in my lap so I’m starting the planning stages of getting it going again.


Nice, my company had the intention to do it every year, organised by me, we did the first one which was a resounding success (I nominated a team captain for each department, he or she was responsible for putting together their team. They were allowed to ‘hire’ one driver per team from another department) but then Covid killed it dead.

I had an idea today to run the race as above, teams of three drivers but each time a driver goes out they get say 90% power, the other two then have to work together to solve a puzzle - once they solve it the driver gets full power.