Karting At Risk In Florida <From 2018>

Very concerning development in florida that could have a serious impact on karting across the entire state.

Here’s a video of an announcement Jorge of OGP made to their racing group

Here’s (an abridged) transcript:

As you all know, we had a tragedy, a very bad accident at the palm beach international raceway. Consequences of that, are sending a shockwave through all of the local Florida tracks that facilitate racing and they have what they call recreational club, or concession kart.

I have a hand delivered letter from the state of Florida. I’m going to read it to you because we’re finding out as fast as you guys are, and I’m trying to eliminate rumors while making sense of what this is.

“the Florida Department of Agriculture and consumer services, regulates amusement rides including in such a go kart tracks. Pursuant to section 616.242, florida state, gokart facilities holding non competitive Events that are allowing participation by the general public are subject to regulation and must be permitted by the department. Please be aware that renting go karts for public use without proper permitting is a violation of Florida law. The department is authorized to impose administrative fines up to $2,500 per violation for each day the violation exists”

This was hand-delivered two weeks ago.
What does that mean? I have no idea. I am right now looking at the laws, regulations, what the compliance regulations are. We will. I will do what I have to do.

What it looks like. What the state of Florida is going to do is they’re going to force me to make a decision on whether I am a full fledged race track or full fledge entertainment concession kart for rental public use. Those are two different directions. Can’t be both

Regulatory regulationd mandates a barrier, from the right side to the left side. There must be a non movable barrier, for racing.

So that means I have to choose which is it. Give up my concession kart rentals, or do I give up racing.

We have gotten a phone call the underwriter that represents Lloyd’s of London and they are already telling us, warning that they are looking at not renewing policies here in Florida for all go kart racing.

They’re now talking about getting out of Florida because of the accident that happened at Palm Beach International raceway. I’m going to Tallahassee to get a print out regulations that I need to comply with.

I don’t know if you heard about it but Orlando Karting Center was shut down by the state of Florida. Something like 75 people there for concession karting, some there with their own karts. The stage tagged the concession karts put them away. He had to refund everybody’s money and they locked up his place. I got the phone call from Andre while he was boring the plane to see his Son.

The state of Florida is coming down hard. That’s All I can tell you, I don’t have the resources, I don’t have the funding to go fight city hall.
What I’ve gathered in the background of the tragedy, the father who lives in Pennsylvania happens to have a lot of influence with lobbyists in Washington.

I don’t know how far they’re going to take it, but for me to receive a hand delivered letter from the state of Florida……
Homestead is already compliant because they have a separate track for concession karts.

They are already compliant. It’s an indoor track. Didn’t allow gasoline engines racing stuck in electric carts.
You’re all here. We’re going to put on a race today until somebody comes into my office and locks me up!

Here’s the statute in question:


An all-around sad situation indeed. Terrible tragedy that happened at Palm Beach, and now the really tough repercussions from the higher-ups.

oh hi TJ :slight_smile:

What do you know much about what happened at palm beach? We can talk about it here since it’s in private.

I saw two different things. A girl that was killed (not sure of the circumstances) and a boy that flipped a kart and was burned :confused:

Thing is, this statue in FL has been in place for some time, it covers and defines go-karts and lumps them in with amusements.

So two things…

  1. Concession karting has been under the radar in FL for some time
  2. What other states have similar legislation and karting has been cruising without anyone noticing.

Im headed to stockholm today so I’ll have a chat with ted.

Also does anyone have a more clear answer why tracks have to pick between concessions and race events? That’s one theme I think I picked up in the OGP video.

Didn’t even realize I was in the staff section…

When we were in Ocala I had heard a girl was killed at Palm Beach.

@DavinRS I think they are stating a concession kart track open to the public has different regulations with regards to barriers, run-off, and safety compared to a private for-racing-only track. That’s what I got out of it at least.

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I’m not sure on that either. I dont understand what it is specifically that you have to do for a rental track that causes a big issue for a racing track :confused:

@tjkoyen yeah I staged the topic here last night and someone beat me to the punch. KartPulse community paparrazi…

Well, you should have expected that, James.
Just because you stage a topic doesn’t mean anything to the public spaces. :wink:

thats what it wasn’t public :smiley:

OGP just messaged me to say to not use the video and they had to take it down.
This is probably not going to be fun.

They were trying to do the right thing, but without all of the information, it’s hard.

Well I guess we can bring this to the public now… RIP OGP.

Just curious our everyone’s thoughts because I’m from Florida and have never created a poll, so here’s a fun one

Is Karting in Florida at Risk??
  • Yes
  • No
  • Somewhere in between

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Lawyers and Insurance - two things that kill motorsports fun.

Life is a risk, deal with it.


I think I’d counter that it also enables it. I don’t know many people that would take on $5m+ of liability themselves to open a track. Most won’t even do it WITH insurance :smiley:

The root problem is the legislation in Florida IMO. The knock-on effect of that being increased liability and underwriters getting very cold feet.

I’m not familiar with the incident that occurred in Palm Beach, and even less about Florida law as I’m a recent transplant. I just hope things level off, and we need to support our local tracks.

I think thats just the way the world is right now. Anything remotely dangerous is going to have a very hard time finding insurance and lawyers for it. One school I went to couldnt even do ski trips because their insurance wont allow it. And since karting isnt very popular it cant afford the risk of any liability so insurance companies can shift them however they want. Dont think its gonna change anytime soon. Maybe we should all just move to new Zealand where you can skydive at 13 and safety railings are a fairy tale


IF (big if) the signed waivers actually would be enforced by judges, the insurance and other lawyers wouldn’t be able to claim anything unless you were purposely making it dangerous. But since nobody takes any personal responsibility anymore, or holds them to it, the last vestiges of unsanitized fun are being killed off. Sad.

What’s odd is that skateboarding went through this in the 80s. Park after park shut down due to liability.

In the 90s they changed some laws about suing municipalities over accidents at athletic facilities. Suddenly, town after town started building skateparks again.

The answer probably lies there, somewhere.

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