Karting clubs in Texas?

I have inlaws who live in the San-Antonio area. Post-Covid vaccinations and etc, we’ve been talking about spending more time in the area, which means I need to know what kart clubs and popular karting series are there.

Can someone help, if they know the area around Austin/San Antonio well?

Regional Series:
Texas ProKart Challenge. Superkartsusa.com

Texas Sprint Racing Series. texassprintseries.com

You have Hill Country Kart Club in New Braunfels, TX. http://www.hillcountrykartclub.com/ Its about 30 miles Northeast of Downtown S.A.

Heading North:
Then there is Heart of Texas Kart Club in Waco, TX. https://www.hotkartclub.com/ Its about a 3 hour drive North from S.A.

COTA Karting in Del Valle, TX. http://circuitoftheamericas.com/karting About 1.5 hours Northeast from San Antonio, or 30 minutes Southeast of Austin.

North Texas Kartway in Denton, TX. ntkarters.com Around 4.5 hour drive.

Dallas Karting Complex in Caddo Mills, TX. dallaskartingcomplex.com Similar distance.

Heading East toward the Houston area, you have several others:
Gulf Coast Karters in Katy, TX. racekarts.com Two and a half hour drive.

Speedsportz Racing Park in New Caney, TX. https://speedsportzracingpark.com/ 45 minutes further than Katy.

Houston Karting Complex in Conroe, TX. https://www.houstonkartingcomplex.com/ About the same distance as Speedsportz.

There are a few more, but further away.

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Great! This is super helpful!
Thank you!

I might be a little more selfish and wonder if anyone knows who the big chassis and engine dealers are in the area.

We’ll be getting a chassis and engine down there, and I’d like to know whose is reputable.

I only know of the ones in the DFW area.

I think @Zebug is closer to that area than I am.

I’m in San Antonio. The closest member track is Hill Country Kart Club. There will be a new track opening soon called San Antonio Karting Complex. I think they will have rentals and allow personal karts on the track.

As far as engines, what are you looking for? The biggest things in Texas (basically all tracks run these and are typically the biggest classes) is either the KA100 or LO206. As far as where to get your motors, mine is from P1 Engines, others use either Woltjer or Comet. LO206 builders, Kart City would be the way to go.

As for shops, there is Tommy Muth at Texas Karts. I think he handles OTK karts typically. There is also Doug Foxworth with Karting Depot, and they run CompKart. I personally have BirelARTs because they have great support here. I typically go to Houston and race at Speedsportz Racing Park (just got back tonight), and Alan Rudolph supports BirelART, as does Full Gas Motorsports, which is Mark and Jake French, who also support BirelART. I just bought a new 2021 BirelART from Mark, and a nice perk with that is at the regional series he will support his BirelART drivers for free.

And even though @GregF mentioned the Texas ProKart Challenge, that series no longer exists, the Texas Sprint Race Series has taken over as the SKUSA supported series in the region.

Feel free to reach out and ask anything. I’ll even give you my contact info if you need more info. If you want my recommendation for new kart, it would be BirelART from Full Gas Motorsports, hands down, that is if you like BirelART. Granted, CompKart frame is made by BirelART and uses Freeline parts.


Thanks for this information. Honestly, a Birel seems like a fantastic choice, and I was heavily leaning that way.

This really helps a lot. :slight_smile: As we get closer to heading down there, I’ll be in touch.

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