Karting costs repost

I am copying a link to an article a fella put together that answers the “cost of karting” really well. Found it in reddit and thought it would be useful to folks looking to get into the sport.


This is great, thanks for sharing! I find racing costs to be a topic of hot debate at times. I think a lot of people have some sort of guilt over how much they are spending on “just a hobby” and tend to lie to themselves and then scoff at how much others are spending. For example in the Lemons racing world this comes up a lot and some teams will claim to have spent a lot less than others. In reality they are just discounting their own labor, or forgetting those $50 parts runs here and there, etc. It all adds up in cost but hopefully also adds up to a lot of fun!

Solid share there. I like how he broke that down into per-unit costs.