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(Andrew Maldonado) #21

Another episode is out!! Please give us your feedback on what you think!

(Charles Stockton) #22

I am very interested in topics here, if I can offer one suggestion. Can you increase your audio for it is too low and flat. I can not turn it loud enough to here without the phone being on you or iPad in hand. Good topically and requires just a tweet or two.:checkered_flag: :+1:t4::orthodox_cross::dove::cowboy_hat_face:©:spades:

(Andrew Maldonado) #23

Thanks Charles! Sorry for the audio. We are currently working on it and trying different mics. Things will be better soon! Thanks for the feedback it’s much appreciated. Please continue telling your friends!!! Good luck #chasingfun this up and coming weekend!

(Andrew Maldonado) #24

Hey kart pulse friends! We have launched another episode!! Road racing in a LO206

(Davin Roberts Sturdivant) #25

I was actually surprised that some tracks have allowed LO206 road racing, which I think is cool. Our local road race series only goes down to World Formula.

(James McMahon) #26

Yeah I think most road race series allow it, but it’s hit and miss entry wise. so it might have been dropped.
CES for example, barely has any 206s turn up, but 25-30 animals. On the other hand KART I believe sees 206 grids around 25-30 ish.

(Liam Sergeant) #27

How long a gear did you put on?

I imagine you would be flat out the entire time in a flowing road course?

The super karts that race road circuits here use massive gears (at least for Rotax) to enable speeds around 160km/h (100 mph).

(Andrew Maldonado) #28

At Roebling Road we ran a couple different drivers and rears to equal a 2.8 ratio. In a 206 you never lift. Your foot will got numb before you lift hahahahaha. The draft is absolutely crazy. When yuh are running 6karts deep you hold on and stay your line. As soon a 2,3,4 karts gang up in your pack they pass you like you at standing still. Cross winds are scary. Winds from the front kill you and back winds make you bounce off the rev. It’s such a game. In the draft was I was around 5700-6000 depending on wind. If I lost the draft it was 4300-4500. It’s almost like pulling a parachute

(Andrew Maldonado) #29

It doesn’t matter if you are running 160mph or 60mph. Speed is irrelevant when you are in a pack.

(Andrew Maldonado) #30

2019 new episode!

(James McMahon) #31

Yayyyyy… Throw up a link!!!

(Andrew Maldonado) #32

New episode is out!!

(Andrew Maldonado) #33

New episode is out! Please continue to give us some feedback on how to make our show better!

(Andrew Maldonado) #34

new episode out on budgeting for karting…this is not a easy topic but it is one that needs be addressed. I hope this can help our fellow karters

(Andrew Maldonado) #35

New podcast is out!!

(Andrew Maldonado) #36

New episode with our good friend Jorge Ruiz!

(Andrew Maldonado) #37

Sorry friends it’s been a while but thanks for continuing to follow our show. Here’s another episode!