Karting Dads Podcast - Check it Out! (Made by KP Members)


(Andrew Maldonado) #1

Please check out our podcast! You check us out at www.kartingdads.com. We produce a podcast once a week mainly on the struggles and the learning curve of karting. We appreciate all your support. Here is our latest episode. Please let us know what you think!!

What happened to the podcast!
(Davin Roberts Sturdivant) #2

Updated the title a little bit, so that more people would see it. :slight_smile:

(Andrew Maldonado) #3

I appreciate it! Thanks for the help and all the support you give. Hope to have y’all on soon

(James McMahon) #4


(Andrew Maldonado) #5

Hahahaha. We got a local race coming up this weekend. This will be our first race on our new karts. We will get with you for sure. I need to order some stickers from you so I can put them on the kart.

(Andrew Maldonado) #6

Good morning! Start your day off right with a cup of coffee and karting dads podcast!

(Andrew Maldonado) #7

Sorry for the late post but we have released another podcast for KartingDads!

(Andrew Maldonado) #8

Check out our latest podcast!!!

(Ryan McGuigan) #9

I’m glad you are doing this. I just started tuning in the other day.

(Greg Meller) #10

I just stumbled onto this too, top job :+1: And Davin’s kart pulse one too. Clearly I’ve been living under a rock to only now be discovering what a pod cast is. I thought it was a popular online fishing game or something. Something to do with a pikachew :joy::+1:

(Andrew Maldonado) #11

Thanks man!! Glad you like the show

(Dom Callan) #12

I believe it is spelled pikachu. I’m only saving you the embrassement of being corrected by your kids/grandkids.

(Davin Roberts Sturdivant) #13

I’m really glad to see you guys are doing this. Probably in the winter time, I might be picking up the KP podcast again too.

(Andrew Maldonado) #14

Thanks! If you do pick back up let us know. By the way what’s winter? We don’t have that in Florida hahahaha

(Andrew Maldonado) #15

Check out the latest episode of Karting Dads!! I would like to hear some of your inputs on this topic and what you have done to improve yourself. Thanks again everyone!!

(Liam Sergeant) #16

Really enjoying the podcast. I’ve been listening to it during the nights while I sit with my daughter in the rocking chair.

One point, I don’t know if anyone has mentioned it as I am only one post into this topic but, the volume of the “Anchor” intro and outro etc seems to be much higher than the actual podcast. Is that something that could be evened out?

Really enjoying the content and how much fun you guys are having!

(Andrew Maldonado) #17

New episode is now available!!

(Andrew Maldonado) #18

New podcast now available! We get into the subject that @DavinRS posted on Facebook. Here is some of our thoughts


(Ryan McGuigan) #19

I really liked the checklist conversation. I need to make one of those for my boat - it seems like I always forget something.

(Andrew Maldonado) #20

Sorry it’s been a while but new episode is out!!