Karting Facility near Dallas?

I’ll be in Dallas in feb and looking to go do a lapping day somewhere. Does anyone know any facilities near Dallas (accessible via Uber) that can rent me a proper kart (2 or 4 stroke) for the day?
Last time I did this in FL and went to OKC and rented one of their speedy karts for the day (4 stroke). But it was a proper kart without all the heavy rental stuff.


Jake French’s place

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DKC is very good, might be cheaper to rent a little car to get there and back vs uber though. IIRC it’s about 45mins from Dallas.

Thanks guys! Do you have a contact there? It always gets a bit wierd trying to explain I’m not looking for a regular rental.

They should be able to hook you up via the front desk, it’s something they do so worth giving a call.

They have a VLR which would be cool to try

Mike Jones is co-owner with another gent who’s name escapes me.

Thanks. We shall see if they can accommodate.