Karting.. In a casino parking lot... But during Winter... In Minnesota

Figure I’ll join the trend of doing press releases and toot my own horn a little… :smiley:

Two of Minnesota’s leading attractions combine in Columbus, creating a must-visit experience in Winter 2024.

Epic Kart Racing is excited to partner with Running Aces for the 2024 Karting on Ice season.

Running Aces is the Twin Cities’ premier card room, hotel, and entertainment destination just 20 minutes North of St. Paul/Minneapolis. With a 24/7 smoke-free card room, including stadium gaming and simulcast races around the country, and live harness horse racing and trout fishing during the summer season, Running Aces provides a local getaway any time of the year for the whole family. The new state-of-the-art 116-room, full-service hotel features a modern look, the latest technology, and fantastic racetrack views.

“We look forward to offering the Community an exhilarating winter experience that will surely be fun for the whole Family. Serving as the host site for Karting on Ice Minnesota will bring yet another exciting venture to Running Aces, where we pride ourselves on being a premier entertainment destination.” Says Sr. Marketing Manager of Running Aces, Olivia Roebken.

“I can’t overstate how thrilled we are to be able to add Running Aces’ activities and amenities to our visitors’ experience. The partnership is certain to bolster our mission to build a destination experience that attracts visitors worldwide in a way that only Minnesota can offer” owner/operator of Epic Kart Racing, James McMahon


Yes! Love it. If folks don’t toot their horn how do we know what’s going on?

Hmm… many have to do some sort of gambling/racing theme meme thing for you

When I looked at demographics and interests, the venn diagram of karting and gambling was basically a circle.


Work golf in somehow and get all the gamblers!

Hmm ice queen… card suit, ice karting …

Not sure why I’m getting called out personally, but can confirm those 2 degenerate circles overlap

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When I looked up the interests of our page followers, the biggest one was Gambling at 80%