Karting is exercise

We all know that karting is strenuous but here’s some data from Saturday. As you can see here, each session rapidly ramps up to around 150bpm.
For comparison purposes, that’s like what my heart ticks at when running a 6 min mile. And, in a kart, you get to an elevated heart rate quicker, IMO.
So, it’s official, karting is exercise. Admittedly with less engine and less grippy tires, it would be less physical. In this case I am running lecont whites and x30.


yep there is no doubt about it that karting is exercise and physical but try explaining that to friends who have no idea about motorsport.

the Below video is of a heart rate monitor on a KZ driver thought you might find it interesting

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Surprise ending! But at least his heart rate couldn’t get any higher.

To be fair, some of the elevated HR is down to adrenaline. But yeah most people (wrongly) associate movement exclusively with exercise, but at the same time they understand that fighter pilots need to be fit.

In motorsport, basically your body is in isometric contraction a lot of the time, resisting static forces. The added dimension is that you are also trying to keep fine control of your limbs in that state. Not as easy as it looks. It’s basically like wrestling with someone 1x 2x or more your size.

I have a HR trace from Grattan a few years ago. I recorded a peak HR of 196BPM, it was probably tachycardia from being dehydrated.