Karting Liveries

Anyone got any good places for karting graphics? Custom design stuff. Company sponsoring me wants me to do some research and see what’s out there in a custom vs factory graphic

May i ask where in the world you are?

(USA) https://www.motocal.com/us/products/karts

Brian at DB Motorsports in Ohio has been my go-to for almost 10 years. He prints all the kits I design for customers, he designs his own custom work, and he does lots of team graphics for teams across the counry. Quality is second-to-none.



Does he do custom liveries for a single customer and not just the bigger teams?

I have recommended Carbon Digital to people asking for liveries and graphics. He’s done a graphics kit for me in the past and mostly works on individual kits, but you can get team graphics if you want to order in bulk from him as well.

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Yeah this will be 3 kits tops. So bulk purchase will not be something I’m looking to do

Yeah he does single customer stuff as well too.

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He’ll charge like $180ish I think for the first one but as long as they’re all on the same bodywork he can do less for the other ones since that’s just printing and no design work

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Carbon Digital also do custom karts suits.

Coming back to this thread cause we are near completion on my new kit. And to say I’m stoked is an understatement.


Which company did you decide to go with?

Carbon digital and he was great to deal with.

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Very cool! Did you design yourself of have someone do it?

Good to hear! Danny’s a good guy and helped me out when I was first starting at our club. I will always recommend him if someone is looking for graphics/suits and equipment.

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I gave him a color palate and a design idea. He ran with it. We went back and forth probably 20 times making minor tweaks and adjustments until we arrived at what you see.

Now let’s hope I don’t screw it up on install

Getting a matching suit from him?

Nope. Just sticking with my black and fluo yellow alpine stars.

CreatorX Graphics did my latest set of graphics. They are aligned with AMR in some manor but to what extent I do not know.

2019 Graphics by CreatorX

2018 Graphics by AMR

-Your Pal
Ronald Swift

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Less questions about the wrap. More questions about the motor setup. Is that a predator with a starter? I’m turning my old chassis to a neighborhood chaos machine. And I like that setup

The kart is a OVKA 420 Series kart.

Its a 420cc Harbor Freight 13hp engine making closer to 24hp @460lbs Kart+Driver a class for bigger people, you can add me on facebook there is build guide on our Facebook page and there is a full rulebook at OVKA.com that overviews the engines specifications.

Here is alittle race of 420cc vs Yamaha Pipe (Charity Race for Fun!)