Karting Magazine?

Looking for a good Karting magazine paper kind ??? Mostly US stuff ???

Is there even one now? Go Racing was a great publication and before that was Kart Sport (my favorite) but I think that’s all way out of print.

Internationally I like TKART but that’s European based and not everyone’s cup of tea.

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And Vroom. Are those the last two left standing?


Nothing in the US for… 20 years? There was an attempt by Kart360 about (guessing) ten years ago. I’m glad they prevalidated it because but it didn’t get enough actual $upport. Between having to do graphic design for each issue and then pay printing costs (Either publisher or POD consumer) the economics don’t seem to support it.

Your options are of European flavour:

> TKart | @mag3_MEDIA
Combustion Chamber Magazine | @Alan_Dove
Looks like GoRacing magazine stopped in 2015: goracingmagazine Publisher Publications - Issuu

I think the first two offer an online and printed version. Alan’s is printed only?

Although there is Unlimited All Stars, US based now that I think of it: https://www.unlimitedallstars.org/

Kartmag in french, covers mostly French championships


I do miss print media. Surfer’s Journal, Porsches Christophorus, and similar seem to persist. Very niche and very targeted at folks with $$$.

Yeah Combustion Chamber is Print only, and when I feel like it. It’s more a hobby than anything else. :slight_smile:

Vroom is bi-monthly now. I think it may have a Spanish version, but not sure. Is tKart available in paper form?

In today’s market paper magazines are very much a cultural expression. So they really have to be filled with unique and fascinating content. Good photography etc… So news stories and race reports really don’t suffice. 99% of karters are insular and not interested in big championships so features there don’t work either (as you might find in dirtbiking mags) and you need maybe 40+ pages of features. In a modern karting context that’s an uphill battle to make it viable for a paper mag. There’s not much ‘culture’ to write about. No new engines, no developments… Sure Superkarts you can, the weird idiosyncrasies you find in karting, sure, but we’re talking a limited number of people who care about that.

I could probably take Combustion Chamber in the Surfers Journal direction. But karting doesn’t quite have the audience surfing does (there isn’t much self-consumption of one’s own sporting content), and it’d be mostly historic based content which is an even more limited audience.

yah the tiny distribution mags done on high quality paper are still around and still gorgeous. I did get a digital copy of Combustion Chamber and it was lovely.

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I think something done on high quality paper, maybe every 3 or 6 months would be fantastic. PUR Binding, nice finish. Just general feature on cool karting culture. Combustion Chamber kind of hints at the possibility, but yet to achieve its potential.

But alas, to get to the level I’d want would cost a far amount and there aren’t many big karting advertisers who’d invest in such a small circulation product.

I kind of always loved how the only place I ever saw an Oxbow ad was a tasteful one for Laird Hamilton in SJ.

It’s like the mag was so nice they only did that one ad in that one surf mag because it wasn’t really a surf mag more like a shrine to surfing itself.

I haven’t seen it in a long time but in the 80s Aperture was sick: