Karting Photography

Didn’t see a thread for those that photograph karting, so starting a thread to share photos and techniques.

These are all in the 1/60th to 1/250th of a second exposure time, panning with the driver to get them sharp.


Nice shots. What kind of camera are you using?

Thanks, all Sony full frame.

I agree, great pics. I would like to see more.

Maybe a section for pics and videos might be a good idea.

That would be good. Maybe we can sorta just continue this one…

@KartingIsLife what do you think?

It would be cool to have a “gallery” thread for shutterbugs and the like to share their efforts and chat about photography/video/multimedia.


A bit more variety.


Oh these are very nice. I like the top 2 best. The shifter kart looks badass and the head on race shot feels very racey.

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Appreciate the feedback, it’s a useful thread for me to learn more about what kinds of shots people like and find interesting.


Verstappen shot! Is this recent?

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2013 World Championship at PFi

Best kart driver I’ve ever seen.

Not my best technical photo. More instinctive that something was going to kick off. I think this is the 2011 Euros. Verstappen int hemiddle, I forget the other drivers


This Max in testing for that event. He was at PFi with Jos the same day I tested the Sudam for Karting1.

Here’s some more form the 2013 World Champs. It was the43 last time I ever really took pics, my gear was a bit old and shabby.

I took this panamramic on my phone because I knew me and Dendy were watching one oft he best drivers on the planet and in true British fashion no one was there to see it.


Taking photos is one of my top hobbies. If I’m not driving something, I’m wanting to take photos instead. Here’s some from today at MCC. I post more photos from work and of karting on my instagram (zach_courter).

I can’t post them directly because the files sizes are too big and I don’t feel like resizing them. But here’s a link to my Google Photos page. One of these days I’ll make an actual photo page…


nice work mate. Good variation too.


I like it. Moody. Speedy.

I like this look, nicely done.

I run So Cal’s CalSpeed Open Practices weekly and can’t help to think a shutterbug could make some coin capturing images. Personally I’d be happy to pay for a quality photograph.

Great shot on this one! And Verstappen too!!

Bump for weekend races…

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