Karting specific helmets?

I have been working on trying to maintain a more upright / shoulders back approach to sitting/driving my kart. The problem with this is with my helmet in its normal position my lower peripheral views are somewhat reduced. I can pull the helmet down somewhat and this does help but tends to move a little while racing.

In most If not all other motorized activities that use a helmet the driver is usually either straight up or in a leaning forward position.

I know there are helmets labeled karting helmets but do they really address this issue? I currently have a Zamp RZ-35 ( i think) that is 5 years old and ready for replacement, so I am looking for ideas.

I’m not sure i agree with your assessment that most motorized activities are forwards or upright. That sure is true for motorcycles. But for all car it usually different degrees of leaning backwards.

I think the zamp helmet is one of the more open apertures in motorsport specific helmets. That is unless your a kid, the cmr specification has a tall aperture too. I fear if you went to any other motorsport specific helmet like bell, arai or stilo the aperture would be smaller.

Its possible, if your racings regulations allow, to use a motorcycle helmet. They usually have quite open apertures (although typically to aid in looking up).

But, i have to say it, could you not just tilt your head down?

99% of “karting” helmets are just car helmets shells without the Nomex and slightly different vent configurations.

It sounds like you just have a helmet that doesn’t quite sit right on your head. I would see if you can try some different brands or models and sit in your kart to see how they rest.

the main thing that seems to keep a helmet in place for me (i’m assuming your helmet moves up on your head, blocking out more of your lower periphery) is snugness on your cheeks. other than that, of the 3 different brands i’ve used, all seemed to have about the same field of vision when sitting still on my head. i had a shoei and it was tight on my cheeks, and stayed in postition once the race started. i also had a racequip that was not tight on my cheeks, and it would slowly start to ride up on my head. sold that one, and bought a zamp, but i made damn sure it was tight on my cheeks (looking in a mirror my face looks a little scrunched up) and it’s staying in place well when racing.

My son struggles with the same issue. The helmet is moving up or tilting up.
He has a Zamp RZ70E and I am wondering if that is the Zamp Brand, not sure.
Maybe it is also the Neck Collar pushing the helmet up? We have not figured it out yet.
My Arai GP 6 car racing helmet moves and tilts up to some extent. Never noticed that in my open cockpit race car but its happening in the gokart a little.

Not sure about your brand but arai sells replacement cheek pads of different thickness. Can tweak the helmet fit this way.
I’ve also heard that pressure applied with back of a spoon to memory foam can help with pressure points.

Zamp also sells different thicknesses of cheek pad and crown pad.

I understand that a “car” helmet without an aero device under the face-shield opening will ride up due to the high speed air coming up your chest and causing the face of the helmet to act as a wing and ride up. I started karting with an Arai GP-5 for the fit and wide opening; any pictures taken while I was driving showed my head and helmet tilted back. I have since purchased and used a Bell M.8 carbon fiber helmet because it is so light. However, initially I had the same tilt-back problem as with the Arai UNTIL I purchased from Bell a Chin Bar Gurney and attached it per their instructions under the face-shield opening. Problem solved.
I understand, without actually having tried one, that helmets with “duck bills” at the bottom do the same thing. They are essentially developed for open cockpit race cars – and work the same for karts.

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The aero kits do actually help with lift at higher speeds, even in karts. Arai makes a chin spoiler as well.

I used to have the same helmet. The duck bill on it would hit my neck collar and push my helmet. Had to sell that one and get one with a flat bottom. Love my Zamp just wish they made other helmets with graphics other than their aero helmets witb duck bill