Karting Tent for Racing weekends

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When you race outside your home track, do you generally rent a space in a tent, or do you have your own?

I did around eight races outside my home track this year and realized that I could have bought my tent with the money I paid to be in a team tent or of someone else.

Does anyone know where I could buy a good tent or make adaptations to a cheap tent that I could find on eBay or Amazon?

Ideally, I would like to have one of those Gatel Tents myself, but it is way too expensive. If anyone here is selling one, please feel free to DM me as well.


No need for a super fancy tent, a simple 10x20 EZ-Up or a Eurmax if you’re feeling frisky works fine. You can get sides for them and get a couple if you want more space. Lots of smaller teams go that way.

The real benefit of a tent program is the support and help from a team/shop and other drivers to work together with.

I could fund about 5 seasons of karting myself instead of buying a Gatel tent.

Undercover canopy (Company from CO), Commercial Series. I bought one and I’ve been super happy with it, they sell any part as a spare if needed

ULINE has a good off brand canopy. Pretty sure you can get their products in MX.

We’ve been using one that my work supplied to us 4-5 years ago and it’s held up very well.

I use ABC Canopy off of amazon. Honestly the most durable i have used for the money. With the wind we see at several races out here i went through several before landing on these.

Only thing to note. Tighten down the clamps on the cross bars occasionally. I try to check them after each race weekend.


I bought a 10x10 tent from Dick’s Sporting Goods this year. It’ll probably last at least another season.

Now that I no longer use rachet straps (ropes are better) it’s easy to tie it to the car and the fuel drum.

I originally inherited a used off brand 10 x 10 pop up canopy from my dad. It lasted a few months and then was destroyed by the wind. Folded like a soft taco. Later picked up an EZ-Up commercial grade 10 x 10 that came with 4 walls (one had a entry zipper in the middle) and a rolling storage bag with pockets for the walls and stakes. It was only $200 at walmart. It has lasted a few years now and remains very sturdy. Only issue I have had was one of the large head screws on a side scissor joint backed out and was lost. Luckily EZ-Up sells replacement parts on their website.

After hearing about mine, my dad purchased two for himself to use at the track with his race car. I think the price had gone up $20.

Either way, a tent is a good investment for practice days or just tail-gating. If you want to really get fancy, EZ-Up will personalize them for you. $$$

Costco has a coleman 12 x12 for $160,YMMV. It set up easy and take done easy. I have gone through two cheap Walmart one before this.

Many will agree, there is only one tent worth the money. EURMAX

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We have always used EZ up Brand with the race team. We “Tactically Aquired” a 15x10 and 10x10 for our karting. The 10x10 is like new and we use it the least, the 15x10 has to be 20 years old and used a ton! and absolutely has outlasted anything I can imagine. (We generally lose atleast 1 EZup with the team a year) so the luck of that particular EZ up seems unmatched.