Karting- The gateway drug evolution

I saw a video on youtube of Billy Musgrave’s shop and he and his Dad had a slot car track set up. I think it was one of TrueRacer’s vids. Nothing like the little Tyco Sets we had as kids!

To answer the original question, Started as a kid growing up around race tracks. The bug grew but life got in the way until I was much older. It wasn’t actualized until 2015 when I pulled the trigger and purchased a kart. I remember it clearly. It was a couple of days before my daughter’s first birthday and my wife’s family had come into town for the occasion. The kart was second hand from a kid that was racing on the pro tour, Austin Osborne, out of the Houston area. They were on their way to a race when the delivered the kart to me. It was a ready to run, 2012 Tonykart Racer EVK chassis with an MY09 Leopard (125 TaG engine). The seat was too small and I needed to have a front porch added to fit my Long Ranger Legs! It would be another year and a half getting it sorted to finally hit the track. I raced the Leopard for three years, with a Top End in between, before the bottom end gave out. I have since replaced the motor with a Rok GP, still in the 125 TaG class and loving every minute of it!