KartKraft Early Release - Everything you Need to Know


(TJ Koyen) #61

VR and a new physics update are coming out with the next week, which should really kick the game into another gear. I’m super excited to try VR with it.

In case anyone is curious, here’s the early access road map so you can see what’s coming up:

(James McMahon) #62

This week huh? VR is gonna be siiiiick. I stopped playing it once I got my VR headset, so this will be cool.

(TJ Koyen) #63

Supposed to be this week, but with a dev team that small of course it could be next week too, but Zach has said for the past two weeks that it should be here by the end of January, so they said they are still on track.

The new physics build is supposed to make the karts feel a lot less like you’re driving on cold YDS tires too.

(Dom Callan) #64

I got the VR goggles James suggested and am looking forwards to trying.

(Davin Roberts Sturdivant) #65

Man, I hope that console releases come out soon.

(Colin Jones) #66

VR beta is finally out!

(James McMahon) #67

KartKraft VR Beta out now!

KartKraft™ - KartKraft

We’re back with the first update of the year and it’s one we can’t wait for you to try. Bringing beta VR support (beta) and the second iteration of the physics model with improved force feeback , we’ve also worked on improving performance across the board by 15% .


VR support (beta)

You can now use VR and WMR headsets via SteamVR or the Oculus runtime for those with Rift headsets. Although there is still much to add and improve, VR is a first-class citizen in KartKraft and will get as much focus as there has been on the rest of the game. As such, we want to hear your feedback on what you like, what you don’t, and what you think is missing. As a starting point, we recommend adjusting the graphics preferences until you achieve a stable view and high framerate before playing. VR view reset is mapped to triangle on most controllers by default, however you can rebind this in the input preferences.

Known issues:

  • No horizon lock/head simulation

  • Replay mode is inaccessible

  • HUD and driver names may not render

  • Menus may clip into world objects

  • Cinematics and menus may not all be VR compliant

  • Karts may be blurry when viewed up close. Workaround: Turn down post processing quality

Physics model i2

This build comes with the first major physics iteration since the release of KartKraft. Several bugs were identified and fixed, resulting in increased stability, less understeer and smoother FFB. Leaderboards have also been reset, given these changes.

Known issues:

  • Some kerbs will cause the kart to rollover much easier than was previously possible

Please restart your Steam client if the update isn’t already queued. We look forward to getting your feedback!

(TJ Koyen) #68

Headed home now to test the new build. There have been mixed feelings on the new physics so I’ll have to see how it goes…

VR though, I can’t wait.

(Mateo I Perez) #69

I updated the other day and since i did the screen comes in all fuzzy and have to reset settings in game to then go redo all my controller settings to my liking everytime turn on game is it something i did.

(James McMahon) #70

Nah you’re not alone there. At this point I spend more time in the menus than driving.

(TJ Koyen) #71

With the physics update, everything reset. I’m sure the VR implementation reset everyone’s graphics and the physics update reset everyone’s controls.

I haven’t touched any of my wheel settings since the update, the new handling model has felt great from the jump for me.

(James McMahon) #72

(Kenny Schmied) #73

The devs are super helpful and attentive. I mentioned in their discord that I wanted a way to bring the HUD to the center screen when racing on a triple screen setup, and within a week it was in a patch. That was pretty incredible. The new physics model is a lot more realistic over all, except some times where the kart wants to flip over for some reason. All in all, some great progress being made though! Can’t wait for multiplayer…