Kartkraft steering question

So for those of you who have been playing kartkraft… I just started playing last night (Gruntypellinor). I find the braking and steering a bit wild. The karts are very sensitive and I have to use tiny wheel movements. I put a couple degrees of deadZone in and that helps. Brakes are not locking up at moderate speeds but lock at high speeds but rear doesn’t kick back in line once you release brake.

Anyone have thoughts on settings? In general it’s too easy to shock kart, too sensitive to steering.

I haven’t been playing lately, but yeah that’s the general consensus. The last physics build really changed the handling, before it took a lot of wheel before the kart would turn. This one is a little too sensitive.

Last I checked, most people recommended reducing the brake pressure to 80% to keep it more controllable and to handle locking up better.

Pity that. It’s very close. When you are on it, it’s very easy to snap oversteer. Almost there.

I’d also like to see the back end behave a bit more normally under braking. I’d like to see back end come back in line if you release brake.

Yeah it’s hard to counter the lock up when you can’t really feel it until it’s too late. One of the limitations of sim-racing vs. real racing.

Thanks. Hopefully they tweak it.