KartPulse at Elkhart Riverwalk GP?

Is anyone who lurks about KartPulse going to be racing at the Elkhart Riverwalk Grand Prix? My son and I took the plunge and registered for two classes (Ignite and open 206) for each of us yesterday. This will be interesting… :scream: :beers:


I’ll be there! such af un event ill be at rock island as well!


The RIGP is a bit of a tow for us and definitely not in the budget this year. Might have to plan for next year though.

We fly the flags of the Parrotheads to make our trailer easy to find… :grin:

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definitely will say hi to you! we are coming from Iowa both Elkhart and rock island are amazing street races. if you ever get the chance to run the Quincy gp you need to run that one too. biggest crowds to watch a race ive ever seen in karting

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I’d LOVE to run the race, it looks like an awesome event that I’d like to come and support, but I’m not sure if I can swing it.

There might not be a next year, apparently.

Actually… I might be able to make it dates wise… Budget I’ll need some help…

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Do not say next year regarding street races anymore. Next year is definitely not guaranteed in the current insurance environment.

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What specifically has changed? The fatality in FL a couple years back?

It’s just been a long time coming. It boils down to spectator liability. They don’t care about the track and the racers.

Hmm. So basically insurance wants to NOT be involved? Not interested in risk mitigation measures?

Pretty much. Street races are almost a complete no-go. Temporary courses in parking lots are now going to be harder to get done due to extra requirements for the spectator liability issue. And if people keep posting and glorifying crash videos and crap, we might start having trouble with tracks eventually.

We need a lawyer purge in the US… or at least to shut down all the schools for a while IMHO.

All this litigation is not only killing fun events like this, but also killing innovation. Wavers be damned, many companies now won’t sell components to individuals (makers) due to liability. It’s getting totally insane. Maybe I need to move to Mexico or something… LOL

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