Kartpulse broken for me, unclickable links in latest Chrome for Windows

Just wanted to mention that for a couple of days now that Kartpulse is effectively broken for me in the latest release of Chrome for Windows. The site renders, but all links are unclickable. Fyi, I tried logging out and even deleting all site info in the browser as a fix (e.g., cookies, cache, local storage, etc) and it didn’t help. Am making this comment using Firefox. Just wanted to report in case it’s not only me.

HI Caleb, I just tested latest Chrome (108.0.5359.72) on Windows 10, but I’m not experiencing any issues. Tried both logged in and incognito and the forums including outbound links seem to be working fine for me.

Is it possible there’s a chrome plugin getting in the way that might be a development step or two behind Chrome?

This ended up being mildly interesting in the end. It was an extension that autosets the playback resolution on Youtube for me ("Autoquality for Youtube). I’ve had it installed for a couple years, so not sure why things are an issue all of a sudden, but I just set permissions for the extension to only work on Youtube itself and now Kartpulse works just fine for me. Kind of wonky, but glad it wasn’t a sitewide issue. Thanks.

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Well, welcome back!

Appreciate you digging into it. Like I mentioned, it could be something that might be resolved in a future version of that extension.

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