Kartpulse Forum Stats - April 2024

Hurray more growth! Drop a comment if you have questions or feedback in general…


Total hits for the Month: 531,000 (Up 7% from March 2024)

Daily active users (A measurement of community health and “stickiness”) hit a peak of 41% with average of 36%

Stats from Google Analytics and Google Search…
Impressions up from 1.44m to 1.49m (3.5% increase)
Clicks from Google search results also up from 54.7K to 59.5 (8.7% increase)


66,000 visits (up from 62,000 visits in March).
Of the 66K visits, 37K were “new” visitors (Up from 36K)
3m 10s average site visit time improvement from 2m 56s in March.


Suggestion: kartpulse energy bars and drinks. :sunglasses:

We could make protein bars and call them “Kart Bites”.
Our energy drink could be “Castor Cola”.

There’s gotta be a facepalm emoji around here somewhere…

And our laxative could be… “Castor Cola”. :rofl:

There’s always GIFs…

Gordon Ramsay Facepalm GIF by Masterchef

That’ll do! :rofl:
Letters and more letters…

I’m always surprised by the number of lurkers and viewers. Whenever I talk to a buddy about joining Kartpulse, they always say things like “Oh, yeah. I know that. i see your posts on there”

Really cool to see the reach we get.

Facepalm? Castor Cola was effing brilliant work and I am seriously proud of Kart Bites!

I am curious how many lurkers there are (readers who don’t post). How did you get the info?

It’s interesting because google ads are displayed if you don’t login. To be honest I’m not thrilled with how they appear either. The ads have been in place for about a year now but hasn’t really impacted signup rate, or bounce rate. :man_shrugging:

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mello kartpulse yello soft drink .

anyone ???


The ads annoyed me enough that I signed up just to get away from them. And that’s how the addiction started…

You joined in 2021 though… we didn’t have ads then. Maybe it was the “hey you should signup” popup?
Here’s how this topic looks if you’re not signed in. Yuk:

I clicked on the “Chat with an expert” ad and the result was interesting when I asked about continence issues


I can recommend something for that. Cookies that I accidentally discovered are excellent at causing rectal explosions:

Ridiculously good, too, which is why I ate all 12 at once and then had issues.

Ah, yes. You are right. It wasnt the annoying ads, it was James’ annoying pop up :wink: