KartPulse KartKraft Throwdown Season 1

With periodic physics updates, the records get reset…
So…See here for Season 2!

Keep the banter friendly!

Booted up KK for the first time in months this morning to try the new updates/track.

The tuning aspect is great! First laps out at Geelong were 31.5s and with some tuning and driving adjustments, got down to 31.1 for the new US record. The handling model feels much better now, and no more flipping on curbs.

Come get me fellow KK’ers.


Dammit TJ I just moved the PC I was using for this into the utility closet and made it a “server” so I wasn’t tempted to spend too much time playing…

I’m reconsidering that decision now… I really struggled with controlling the kart after the last update I tried which I think was December. Oh well, would be rude of me to not throw in a lap time :smiley:

I’ll go dust off the VR headset (Literally has dust on it) and give it a whirl this week.


Aargh. I had to give nick his PC back right before they put in GoPro and they fixed kerbs.
Darn kids.

It’s not GoPro they added, it’s Atlanta Motorsports Park. Really gnarly track with jumps. Still learning that one.

But I did US #1 times on PFI and Victoria now as well. I’ll let those sit for a bit!

Victoria has always been my track.

That’s a nice time. You have to carry speed beautifully up that hill and then nail a very sketchy final corner to break 41 there. That last section drives me bananas. The final turn utterly makes you or breaks you.

I found the last turn much easier with this latest update. If you nail turn-in it’s basically flat out.

Global: P6
National: P1
Friends: :thinking: :sob:

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(20 char)

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I wonder how low the times will go once the aliens show up. Even an old dude like me was able to get top tens pre-wipe.

I think it’s likely the aliens will make us all look like noobs.

Knocked TJ off the top at GEEL. Still feel like there’s some time to be gained throughout the sectors.

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Dayyyyum. It’s on like King Kong now.

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I wasn’t trying to imply you guys were slow. I was implying that I am an exceptionally fast old man. You should probably sponsor me immediately to be safe.


Did you notice that you can jump the fence? Here’s where you go over it.

I took a corner wrong and didn’t lift and went shooting up one of those hills and just went with it. It launched me like a cartoon, huge BOING and you fly a hundred yards and land on the other track.

There’s a giant road course and forest that’s empty out there.


Masters checking in: What a roller-coaster of a track! The physics in this game coupled with the VR is just so intense. Someday I hope to try this track IRL.

The lap. Yes, it’s a bit wooly.


Can you drive the full track? Pretty cool they even spent the time to design it.

I’ll have to update my times on here, couldn’t match TJ’s time on any other track but GEEL, but did manage to get into the top5 nationally at all of them.

You can. And you can wander around the forest. It’s not laser scanned so the track is very bumpy.

Here’s another thing I found at GVKC. Launch ramp and road to Melbourne.

I’m working on an answer for GVKC for you and TJ. I believe I’ll have something in the ballpark shortly. The final turn is MUCH more manageable now that you don’t flip constantly.

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My setup is the Formula K with 0.5 front track width and low front ride height. Felt the most stable to me without sacrificing turn-in.

Adding to the challenge…

USA #5 at the lovely GKVC:

The Lap:

And Finally, just got back on the boards at PFI.

It’s amazing how different it is now that the kerbs and grip have changed. I find myself trying all sorts of crazy lines not doable before.

I am blown away how fast your final sector is, @tjkoyen TJ. That is where all the time is.

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So after a few million laps, I caught our very own @tjkoyen! Feels good! So much learned along the way, so, thank you Kart Kraft team for making such an extraordinary simulation. I went deep into all the knowledge Warren and TJ shared with me over the past year to grind this lap out, so thanks, guys. It’s a sim, sure, but it was quite a challenge, and it’s very gratifying to have found the speed.

Its was a goofy thing to do, but it was a TON of fun!

Ok, come and get me!

The lap: US #1 at PFI:

Sector times as I rose up ranks:

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Great work Dom, clearly I’ve taught you everything I know. :beers: