Kartpulse on - "Send It" An NKA Podcast: Episode 8

I got a chance to be on the National Karting Alliance podcast. I talked with Christian Marsh and Race Liberante talking about their take on the sport.

We talked about a ton, but largely about:
-How multi engine classes add a unique flavor to races.

  • How the drifting community could heavily influence how people interact with karting
  • The one thing that every single kart racer could do to grow the sport, with the phones they have in their hands.

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Good conversation. Three guys jawboning about karting in general is always entertaining.

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We were talking about some of the great content that Ryan puts out. Here is a good example.

I got through the first half hour and will take a crack at the rest today. I did enjoy the “so have you tried shifter?” conversation. Totally relatable.

“I’m trying to race KZ on an Lo206 budget”

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