Kartpulse Podcast: Episode 11 - Talking Road Racing with Greg Wright

(Davin Roberts Sturdivant) #1

Greg Wright from Rapid Racing talks to Davin about why racers should be more interested in road racing. They also talk about how to get new people into the sport, and why the sport should be more focused on the fun element.

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(James McMahon) #6

I didn’t know raspberry ginger beer was even a thing!

(Davin Roberts Sturdivant) #7

It’s so tasty. So so tasty.

(Steve Pribyl) #8

More podcast ideas:

Davin keeps talking about his tuner, lets get a tuner on and pick their brain about tuning. I would like to hear Noah Stark talk about tuning with the 206 Cup compared to the USPKS, etc.
Davin why do you have a tuner?
At what point do you “need” a tuner. Having a tuner seems antithetical to making karting accessible.

Greg talked about “karts are too complicated” to tune, some guys are good some guys are not so good at it.
I “tune” my sons karts. I started off basically just changing gears because he was still learning to drive. As the years progressed I tuned new system: Tires pressure, Caster, weight distribution, etc. I still have more to go, but it is always about making one incremental change at a time and getting feedback from the clock and the driver. Most of the “tricks” i learned by talking to people. I have one trick that is weather based that I found myself and that was a accident.

I would also like to hear about coaching younger drivers, we are almost exclusively road racing this season and coaching seems more challenging with the bigger tracks.

(James McMahon) #9

I recall @Don_Westlie throwing an idea around for recording an episode at a 206 cup race… That might be a great way to do it.

What would you like to hear about coaching younger drivers?

(Davin Roberts Sturdivant) #10

Hey Steve,
Having someone tune with you at the track is also company. It’s nice to have someone else to talk to and bounce ideas off of when you’re doing laps, or give you feedback on things you can’t see (ie: where someone is closing the gap on you, when they are behind you or far up the track.)

It helps makes the day far more productive, and the company is nice. Besides, most of the people who tune with me are my friends, or either I pay them in food, or I give them some money for their time.

So it’s not the really that I need a tuner, but I like having someone to work with. Company is nice. :slight_smile:

(Steve Pribyl) #11

Davin, that makes total sense, we have building company a family team so that never occurred to me.

Oh, now I remembers another one, How karting is working with your hands on something that is real. Unlike may day jobs which involve doing things on the screen. Zen and the art of karting.

(Steve Pribyl) #12

I guess I would like to hear how the “pros” do it. I am looking for ways to help my son avoid bad habits.

(James McMahon) #13

I think this is one of the great values of the sport, especially if you’re doing it with your kiddos.

@DavinRS maybe we can find something from Ross Bentley re coaching? I think he’d have a very good, high level perspective in mindset, approach and observation.

(Davin Roberts Sturdivant) #14

Well, honestly @KartingIsLife I think that most of Ross’ content would cover the coaching element pretty universally, since his tips are vehicle agnostic.

Pro Tip: Go Read some of Ross Bentley’s Speed Secrets book series!

(James McMahon) #15

I’d highly recommend inner speed secrets which is all about the mental approach:

(James McMahon) #16

(James McMahon) #17