KartPulse Rental Action at OKC (Orlando Kart Center) Today?

Wed March 10th…

I’m in Orlando this week, and decided on a last min drive to OKC for some rental action. Probably head for there at about 6/7pm.

Would be cool to meet some of you IRL

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Ooh. Get in their speedy kart! It’s a lot of fun. Honda gx 390 on a race chassis.

I’m actually gonna do the twin seater with my 6 y/o and try to kick the 12 y/o’s butt :joy:

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Noooooooooooo I live so close to that but I cannot go today! Sorry man :sob:

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Let me know how that works out. :joy: I suspect a weight advantage.

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Id love to but I live in MA. any new englanders here who would want to do some rental racing?

It would be really cool if we all just teamed up for one of those ProCup Endurance Karting events or any other endurance race like Simcraft 24 hours or 24 hours of America

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Well, I have a team for the one coming up at OVRP. Doing the other one in June as well. It would be neat to do some sort of race… the KP Open. Elimination style. One left standing.


I’d love to do a team endurance sometime. We’ve been invited to run in the past but couldn’t swing it with work commitments.

Might be time to revisit that :thinking:

Elimination style would be cool, karting or sim

I don’t what locations work best for you guys, but it would be a lot of fun and at least I will be going on a team where at least I know the drivers on my team are at least decent (lol just kidding y’all are gods) :joy:

I call having @tjkoyen and @NikG on my team!!

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These guys formed an all star team :joy:

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