KartPulse @ The CKNA Grand Nationals 2023

This layout is good for 206. I think the normal national layout is the best layout but for 206 you don’t really need to run all the way down to I-70, so this is good.

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I think I’d get lost :laughing:
Would still give it a go though.

It is definitely not my favorite layout, but it is the closest thing to a “driver’s” track or a “non-draft” track that you can get at NCMP. Because of that, I think its about as good as you can do for Grands.

I’m good with it, especially since I didn’t run near as many KRA races this season as I thought I would, and I have the most practice on this one.

Almost at 500 :open_mouth:


500! wish I could make it happen this year. Little rule update they dropped if you haven’t seen it.

TLDR. Can’t use Walboro stamped carbs and some extra cylinder head checks.

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Fun fact, you’re allowed to set anywhere as a location at registration. This isn’t exclusive to CKNA but I think it’s pretty fun.

I’m trying to get one of my friends to register from Pyongyang, NK

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This is good news.

I have one that was very close to the limit size wise. We joked that I’d have to pour ice water on it to pass tech if it got warm enough.

Fuel curve was whacky but it was worth about 0.2HP

I have one or two as well but I got them a few years ago when I knew nothing. So they’ve just been sitting in a box

You have become moderator of r/Pyongyang

You have been removed as moderator of r/Pyongyang

This is how it usually goes there

I knew a guy who sneaked into NK


I shall design a business card for you.

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Wait until I get some headshots from this weekend, but that actually sounds sick if you do it.

Also, wut

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Will do. I await the Jesus shots

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So as young man, I was working a temp job with another guy. We got to talking.

I actually got the countries confused… he went to Albania! (Not NK).

Albania used to be under the leadership of the despot Enver Xotha and had hermetically sealed itself off from the world.

Anyways, he snuck in. He had all sorts of cool Albanian government propaganda publications which were pretty hilarious but also quite sad.

For a very long time Albania was the poorest country in the developed world. Xotha is gone now. There was an episode of The Grand Tour where they are in modern Albania. There are a lot of luxury cars there. They are stolen in Germany (what they said) and brought over the border. Work to do still, but at least no lunatic in charge.

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