KartPulse @ The CKNA Grand Nationals 2023

How many people are considering attending the Grand Nationals at New Castle this year?

How many of you would be interested in going in on a pit spot up towards the front?

I’ll be taking a few of my grassroots type guys from Whiteland.

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I’m seriously considering it if I can get myself to a somewhat competitive level…
Entries are coming in FAST, I think it’s only been a few hours now?


For those looking for more info, it can be found here:

That seems nuts, 400 karts.

I’ve thought about making the trip. Only tuned for the kid and others. Never ran it and it’s intriguing. I’d surely be back half of the field but may just have to go before I get rid of the last kart in the garage. :thinking:

The back half of the field is better than not being in the field at all…


I just entered for the race. Haven’t “properly” raced in 2 years so we’ll see what happens, but I got a good Arrive & Drive with LSR Motorsports so I know the equipment will be good at least.

Should probably hit the gym to make sure I can reach Light weight.


Awesome! I hope you guys all take a few pics! Good luck and have fun.

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Oh, worth noting.
Event will be live on Kart Chaser.


I might docit if I can get a legit good Engine. Mine is a turd.


My son (Junior, he’s 14) will be doing Arrive & Drive with Team Margay. We’ll be flying out from Idaho for it. It’ll be his biggest race yet. Just trying to put all the logistics and funding together!



Biggest party in the Midwest. Can’t wait to load in.


Maybe. I need to figure out a kart rental, how to get it there, and how to rent an engine from Howard Stewart. Oh…and I have never worked on a 4 cycle kart

That sounds like a blast and one to remember. Welcome to forums!

Not sure I’ll even get an entry in quickly enough to make it :laughing:

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Use the internet instead of delivering the entry form manually on horseback.

Obviously one of the hardest races to predict but was having some fun the other day making predictions for grands. Feel free to make your own, interested to see who people think will be up there this year.

Oh, man. This is fun. Starts researching predictions…

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i’m all signed up in the legends class. i really think they might crack 500 entries. i’m hoping to get a new to me kart together in time, open up my options a little bit.

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Track layout just got announced. I’d like to see what everyone thinks of this track, they’ve run it a good bit now, I think all but one year since 2019?


That’s just a good 206 track imo.

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