KartPulse Visor Sticker and Decals...What do you think?

Who here thinks a kartpulse visor sticker and kartpulse decal in various sizes and a few color ways in the store would be bad ass! We can promote the forums and share our favorite forum with pride!

Kartpulse visor sticker could have KP on each end left and right with kartpulse written in the middle! Does anyone have any graphic design experience to make this happen?


I like this idea very much!

I like this idea as well.

I’m totally down for the idea.
One of the challenges we’ve been trying to coordinate around is properly being able to drop ship stickers and decals to folks who wanted them when people had to pay for them.

In the past either James or I would make stickers and then just drop them in the post. But since we had been trying to get people to buy swag through the Kartpulse Store, it made sticker logistics a bit more challenging for the low volume of people who wanted to pay for then.

So we put it on the back burner. I think if there was enough overall enthusiasm for it, we’d pick it back up again.


What can we do to get a general consensus and get this going? Is there a way to run a poll on kartpulse and get members to vote? I know a gentleman here in Denver who can design and produce stickers. I’m willing to help make this a reality.

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Personally I am fine with small purchases that make no financial sense like paying 5 bucks for a sticker so long as it helps out.

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@Bimodal_Rocket Definition of Karting right there!! :joy:

Normally what ends up happening is that someone makes some stickers, makes them available for sale, and then we figure out who buys them after the fact.

Well count me in for a helmet sticker or kart sticker. I can put it onmy faring and the 3 people who watch my vids will undoubtedly come charging to the site to learn how to be such an incredible race guy.