Karts for sale

I will be selling my 2 karts,1st is a Birel 99 CR125cc shifter,and the 2nd is a CRG DD2.The CRG is like new and the Birel is in great shape.The birel has a spare motor as well.Best offers accepted.I can’tafford to join AMP to kart.I’ll take what I can for the karts.I’m only interested in buying some land so cash would help that out.I live here in GA

GLWS those are great looking karts!

Thanks,I only wish I could afford to run them

I know the feeling. I hung up my x30s and now do rentals, enduros and maybe lo206.

Still scratches the itch.

I put the Blue Birel up for $1,500 and the CRG for $2,500.And no interests.I guess I’ll have to keep both

I’m not sure about pricing but from what I’ve seen demand is higher than supply in some areas. Also, the cost at ovrp of the lo206 spec kart used has risen from 3700 to 4100.

Don’t sell yourself short. Not sure what those are worth.

Those are both worth 4k at least IMO. no idea why no one has picked them up. Hope youre able to sell them or find the time/money to drive em

The DD2 is a nice looking kart, but the contingent on the US is basically nonexistent at this point in time. I’d buy it myself just to pound laps if I had the spare cash!

Anyone have success yet using KP as a venue for sales?