Karts Vs Police Interceptors?

Ever wondered how your kart might stack up against a Police Interceptor in terms of speed?
Looks like we have some answers…

Inspired by this article on Jalopnik: http://jalopnik.com/heres-how-fast-modern-police-vehicles-really-are-1788511486

“The Michigan State Police has conducted its own torture tests on pretty much all the cars, SUVs and motorcycles American cops are driving today. Preliminary results are in– check them out and see if your car’s faster than your local law enforcer.”

Part of the torture test was a series of laps around Grattan Raceway in Michigan, which just so happens to hold a kart race each year.

Have a look at the Grattan lap times in the Jalopnik article, compare to these MyLaps results and post below with what you found interesting…

Here’s the MyLaps from Grattan from the Joint AKRA\CES race in 2016
CES\AKRA Grattan Raceway 2016 - Saturday
CES\AKRA Grattan 2016 - Sunday

1m58s Police Can-Am
1m43s Police AWD and a 2.0-liter engine at
1m41s Police 4WD Tahoe
1m39s Police BMW Motorcycle
1m35s Police AWD 3.5-liter EcoBoost sedan

1m34s Briggs Animal kart
1m31s Yamaha Heavy Laydown
1m27s Controlled Limited Laydown
1m26s TAG 125cc Kart
1m19s 125cc Shifter Kart
1m16s 250cc Superkart

Most of them are heavy and the Fords have dogshit transmissions.

Maintenance time is comparable between a Ford PI and a racing go kart…

Nobody said it was a fair comparison :smiley:

Right, James, NOT FAIR. Like Roger Penske.

Well this is a cool thread. I just happen to have a comparison video of my own from Grattan! Keep in mind this was my 2nd kart race weekend ever so I’m not putting down amazing lap times but it was pretty cool to drive the same track in both vehicles!

Anyway, here is me in my Lotus vs me in my Stock Honda shifter, both have some better lap times in them for sure! The best part might just be listening to the supercharger whine and all of the braps at the same time. Grattan is one of my favorite tracks here in the US (I love elevation change).

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I love it. What was the diff in lap times? It looks like it was pretty close but can’t tell

1:29 in the Lotus vs 1:26 in the Kart! The really fast guys with ICC engines dip into the 1:18’s at Grattan, I think stock Hondas will still go under 1:20. I have much to learn. On the other hand a 1:29 is pretty respectable for a road legal car, but I was running Hoosier A7 slicks for that session :sunglasses:

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