Kartstream - Offering to Buy Your Karting Videos

Interesting project I came across today. Something like what we tried with the orignal KP site (aggregation of existing content) but they are offering money for videos too. So that’s nice.

note: it seems to be specific to the Texas Sprint Racing Series for now? Nonetheless, cool idea.

It’s for a cause too:

I started KartStream primarily to help pay for my mother’s cancer medical bills. Olivia (we call her Oli), a mother of two, was diagnosed with late-stage ovarian cancer in December 2017. She is currently undergoing chemotherapy and about to undergo tumor removal surgery. 100% of KartStream’s profit will go straight to her medical fund, so that she can pay off the debts she will incur from her massive insurance & medical bills.


Checkout the intro video. Pretty funny. I dig that he’s trying to do something, rather than talk about what others should do.

Seems very specific to his Texas karting league. Which is fine but I think he’s going to get flooded with stuff from all over.

Yeah after reviewing it again last night, I’ve adjusted the post to reflect that it seems to be Texas Sprint Racing Series specific for now.

Terry races at my local track. His current offer is for the Texas Sprint Series that starts this weekend and is a 4 race series. Another thing that he is offering, that wasn’t mentioned in the video, is a chance to “borrow” a GoPro to get footage from your race. They would share the camera among anyone that wants to capture footage for him.

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