Kid Kart and Cadet class Chassis

Can a chassis from the Kid Kart class be used in the Cadet Class just with a larger engine?

In our club, no. Most “kid karts” are 750mm wheelbase, our rules require 940mm minimum for cadet.

I think it’s pretty universally not allowed.

Ok, I figured that might be the case. I wanted to get my granddaughter going now, but not too keen on buying a kid kart and then buying another kart in about 14 months. I guess we will get her a cadet class sized kart now, just no racing until she turns 7.

Are open track days more lenient with say a 6 year old on the track with a cadet kart? I’m not worried about her basic skills and being safe on the track, as she has been learning throttle control, braking and steering with a child sized side by side off road kart.

To be honest, you can flip kid karts pretty easily as they are only used for a season or two then upgraded to cadet. A years worth of track time with others on track is worth the $200 (guess-timate) depreciation you get from one years use.

Double check the rules of clubs around you, but just about every kid kart class I’ve seen allows children to run kid karts through their 8yr old season. Also most cadet/sportsman classes start at 8yrs old.

Unless your child has grown significantly faster than their peers it’ll also be hard to properly fit a 6yr old for a cadet chassis.

As others noted you lose very little money buying a used kid kart setup and selling later as long as you know what you’re buying.