King pin bearing removal

hi guys, I am replacing all my front bearings. on the king pin bearings there is a tube between the two bearings. what would be the best way to remove these bearings? 98 emmick cobra, thanks, chuck

I typically tap them out using a screwdriver or drift of some kind. It can take a bit of fenanagling with the tube between them, but generally they should pop out with some gentle tapping.

thanks james, so I must move the spacer out of place to get to the bearing. I tried mooving it but it looks as if I need to try harder. thanks again, chuck

If the bearings are tight the center spacer tube will be tight but it will move. If you know you are tossing the bearings you can be a little less concerned about what you use, however if you are trying to save the bearings only hit the inner race of the bearing.

thanks robert, I will toss them and use new.

If you have them out, toss them and put new ones in. If you are concerned enough to remove them, then you probably want new ones anyway. I have never seen a way to get them out that didnt at least make me want to put new ones in.

thank you all for the info, chuck