Kingpin Safety Wire KR

How are you guys safety wiring your Kart Republic kingpins on the bottom? With a standard lock nut my kingpins only have 1 thread stinking out, not enough to even wrap some wire around the threads. Could probably go to a half nut. Any thoughts?

Lock wire would seem unnecessary to me. King pins are often undone for changes between sessions, and I have never had a king pin nut come loose while we regularly race up to 12hrs.

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Turn a groove into the bolt at the last thread for a retaining ring.

You can definitely fakety wire one thread.

Some series’, mostly smaller clubs, require safety wire/clips on all “important” fasteners. Regardless of how easy it is to keep a kart from falling apart.

It kills me when I see these smaller tracks and clubs acting like they know more about safety than the manufacturers or national series.


It’s one of the main excuses why I don’t go to two of the close clubs to me; ain’t nobody got time for drilling all of those bolts. Fresh nylocks and righty tighty.


Do nylocks count as the “locking fasteners” that most rulebooks want? Those KR kingpins are a pain though. I didnt have an issue with getting them through tech however.

Maybe get some aftermarket king pins? Most karts are a 10mm kingpin, some rarely 8. The main challenge is finding a bolt with the right head type.

Fairly simply fix and won’t affect the handling at all. Then you can drill for safety wire, or double nut.

I admit I can be a bit of a safety Sally at times, but I must say I find it disappointing others are dismissive of doing it right. No one’s going to die from a loose king pin but it is a pretty notable safety hazard.

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I never had a kingpin come undone, and never really seen one, safety wires do seen a bit to much and cant see why one would demand it.

Correct. Most rules these days have a caveat for “one-time use” nylocks being a replacement for safety wire or clip. Only exception is usually brake rotors where metal lock nuts must be used due to heat.

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The only reason for doing it is local club requires it. A “Locking Fastener” has always been enough in every other automotive racing association, But, rules is rules.

Is it written in the club rules specifically or does the club use another org’s rules (nka,wka,etc). I had this argument years ago at my club when we used IKF rules and no one knew about the caveat, but you read the rulebook and there it was. The tech sheet only said wire, but the rules it referenced had the locking nut caveat. After that it was no issue as everyone learned what the rules actually allowed.

A nylock counts as a safety retention in our club. Exception being lead weight which requires double nylocks or safety wire.