Knee protection

The rental kart I am using has a really big seat and the fit overall is poor. After my first session I had all sorts of bruises I don’t normally get. The most problematic area is the inside of the knee, which was banging angainst the top side edge of the gas can. Really painful.
Is this caused by my seating position being too far forwards?
Does anyone know of any sort of leg protector that provides padding for the side of the knee, not just the front?

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Look to the downhill MTB world. I’m currently using these: they are a little speedy and maybe more coverage than I actually need but stay in place better than any knee pad I’ve tried.


Those look like they would be good. Do they protect a bit on the inside of the knee?

I use a Mizuno volleyball knee pad. I just rotate it slightly to the inside. Works great, not expensive.

There is Quite a bit of padding on the inside. I have short legs and more of a kid kart seating position in my shifter. I still end up with a sore knee, but nothing like it was without them.

Thanks to both for your ideas

Just buy normal volleyball knee protectors. You can buy these at any sport shop for around ten dollars/pounds/euros. I use these myself and they work perfectly.