Korsasport Karting 101 : Episode 4 - Intro to Data

Hey guys, I’ve put together another video in the Karting 101 series. This one looks at the basics of data analysis. I go over my workflow at the track between sessions, and some of the basic things I look for in the measures to make changes and go faster.

There were a couple issues on some of the capturing in the video, so just leave captions on and it’ll explain what I’m talking about.

Feel free to ask questions and discuss!


This is great TJ. I’ll check it and give feedback asap.

Great video and very informative. Especially for me, creating the track map based not based on corners and straights to see what changes to the chassis does to sectors instead of individual corners.

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Yeah thanks! Unfortunately that part on the track map didn’t get captured properly, but hopefully it still made sense!