Korsasport Vlog #1 - FMS Driver Academy

Hey all, here’s my first attempt at a vlog-style video. I wanted to do more of these behind-the-scenes/lifestyle type videos to cover some aspects of karting that people don’t often see. Most of YouTube’s karting selection is limited to on-board videos. I think this, exposing more of the laid back lifestyle video can be really helpful to people.

Cut me some slack as I get used to talking to myself and being in front of a camera… I want to keep doing more of these as well, I just need to coordinate it and sort the logistics so it doesn’t get in the way of me working at the track too much.

Otherwise, let me know your thoughts!


37 seconds in and love it mate. Exactly what is needed


Figured this is worthy of a :pushpin:

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Love it, big thumbs up - very natural. I hate vids that are scripted.

Didn’t realize you’re in WI, are you anywhere near Sturgeon Bay? I visited there once upon a time, lovely part of the world.


I’m in south central WI, so about 2-3 hours south of Sturgeon Bay area, though various family members have lived in or around Sturgeon Bay and the Door County area for decades, so I know the area well! We visit up there quite often.


Teaching the grommets looks like so much fun.

How often do they do these?

There is wisdom here…

Discussing Oreos: you eat your least favorite half first and then eat the favorite side last.

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This was the first one. It was a hit so I think they will be doing at least one each year at the beginning of each year, maybe more often.


I posted this on our discord now Ethan wants to start a drivers academy. Sheesh.