KP Podcast Episode 05: Jenna Grillo, Racing for Fibromyalgia

KP Podcast Episode 05: Jenna Grillo, Racing for Fibromyalgia

Tune in below to hear Jenna’s story.

Jenna suffers from fibromyalgia, a debilitating disease that causes severe fatigue and chronic pain, but she hasn’t let that stop her from pursuing racing. She’s an F2000 driver, active kart racer and past SKUSA Midwest Champion.

In this podcast she tells us more about how “fibro” affects her in racing, how she is raising awareness for the disease and provides inspiration for other female racers and those suffering from fibro

To Find out more about Jenna and Fibromyalgia: (National Fibromyalgia Association site) (Community Pain Center)

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We’ve moved the KartPulse podcast hosting from soundcloud to spreaker and in the process did a little work on the audio. Nothing fancy, but noticed the audio levels were not consistent (Guest loud, host quiet or opposite) I made some corrections (Audio compression) to them.

Of course it’s available in your podcast player of choice too! Despite being recorded a couple of years ago, most of the discussions are pretty evergreen and still relevant.