KPV 3 Exhaust Needed

I’m looking to buy a HPV/KPV #4 exhaust. I currently have a #2 (Hortsman 2) on my kart and I now understand I’m leaving off some HP’s with this pipe. Where can I locate one of these pipes for my kart? Thank you in advance.

Just to note, the 4 pipe isn’t really that much faster. It gives more top end and mid-range but reduces bottom-end power. Plus, it requires you to spin more RPM and wears out engines quicker.

It’s fun and it sounds cool, but as far as actual pace, it it’s only a tiny bit quicker than the 2. The 3 pipe might be a better compromise, as it doesn’t really reduce bottom-end that much but gives more top-end and doesn’t require a bit jump in RPM to get it to work.

Thank you for that insight, TJ. With that advice I guess I’ll be looking for the 3 pipe. I find it interesting that I really can’t locate one on the internet.

Going to be hard to find one now that no one runs HPV anywhere. Best bet is probably going used, I know people used to have quite a few used spare pipes sitting around. I personally got rid of all mine long ago.

That’s why I thought it’d be a lot easier to find since no one is really running them. I’ll keep on searching and I’m sure I’ll find it.

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It’s kind of dead but maybe the EKN for sale forum? Put something up in the wanted to buy category?