KPV Chain Size and Length

Looking to get a chain for 100cc KPV engine. Looking to see specs for size and length.


219 chain.

Length will depend on your particular setup and gearing. Buy a chain breaker tool if you don’t already have one.

I have an otk chassis and with my kpv I was usually at a 110 link. With that being said I have a 219 chain breaker and always just stock 114 length but end up taking off about 4-6 links.

The chain will be a #219 chain.

Typically I get 114 link chains and use a chain breaker to get them to the length I need, but it will vary from chassis to chassis. It does depend on gearing to an extent, a 78 tooth gear will need more teeth than a 70, and it is a noticeable difference.

For most karting applications, 106-110 link #219 chains is typically workable. @Aaron_Hachmeister_13’s strategy is for sure the right one. Get a long chain, then adjust for your application.

This is a old post but I have the answer for getting your chains to the right length, and with relative ease. This is for 35 space chain but there are people making 219 chain breakers of the same design. I invented this chain breaker in about 1973, so it’s now 45 years later and nobody’s discovered any better way of doing it. I’ve had some impact on karting it seems.

Thats neat Al. I have used your invention it seems.

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I’ve used it too… in Europe. I’m surprised a similar concept didn’t stem from motorcycles or other chain applications prior.

I know what you’re saying, and I did fabricate some of those chain breakers for 45 chain. I gave one to a friend of mine, he loved it, had all kinds of praise for, never sold another one.