KPV Clutch

Greetings and thanks in advance for the help… I need to convert a couple of our original HPV 100’s over to the KPV clutch. My understanding is that the crank taper is the same… Is this simply a leopard clutch, or is it a specific KPV only item?

I think the PTO tapers are different between the HPV and KPV.

The HPV has a crank taper specific for the Horstman EXPD clutch, the KPV will take other clutches (check your club rules for what’s legal.) You could get away by just changing the PTO end of your crank to a KPV PTO so the taper fits the rule set.

That was my fear. I had heard otherwise and had that hope thing going. Time to find a PTO crank half. I am going to prey to the IAME gods that they didnt change the pin diameter or some other PIA that I become accustomed to seeing. Thank you for the assistance. Much appreciated.

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The pin diameter should be the same, you are good there!

They have the same taper. It’s just a different style clutch.