Krazy Kart: 170hp in-line 4

Well this is bonkers. Towards end of video he lets it loose on the drag strip. It seems to not want to go very straight. Scary fast.

I know these frankensteins are fairly pointless, but that doesn’t make them any less fun (to observe from a safe distance!):

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not my thing… but hey whatever floats ur boat.

One does wonder how drag racing started. They say nascar was born from outrunning the cops during prohibition. Drag racing seems like a perfectly logical thing to do, so it’s probably has a less interesting origin story.

What I don’t understand is how NASCAR came to be predominantly ovals. That doesn’t fit with the running from the cops. A rally stage would be more accurate?

Regardless, ovals are great.

It started with racing on the beach at Daytona, in what was essentially two drag strips down the sand with a turn at each end. So it actually was kind of a “rally” stage in the sense that you were driving on sand. The emphasis was more on outright top speed rather than handling. That’s still pretty true today, so the high-speed ovals became the norm.

Well that makes sense. Thank you.

I guess that depends right? Imma get on my soapbox… and this isn’t directed at you perse.

Sure it’s probably not any faster than a shifter kart on a track. But on the other hand, someone built something cool, is having fun and people are digging it.

That’s a win IMO. Even if it’s not “hardcore racing”. It gets people excited about a gokart, that’s good enough for me* and honestly I think the sport would be better off if more of us took that stance instead of being all “Muh real gokart is better” etc etc.

*Assuming they’re being somewhat safe and avoiding public roads etc.

So long as it’s quick and you don’t have to rebuild the engine after every run, it’s a win as far as drag racing goes IMHO.