Krazy Karting track

Came across this place on Reddit. This is clearly a concession kart track as I have never seen any layout quite so bonkers. Looks like fun. As a TT enthusiast, this track makes me squirm as there is no way I can nail that many turns perfectly!

Any other insane layouts you want to share?

Sure could use a couple of long straights. I would probably be ready throw up my lunch after 3 laps in a real kart…

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Looks like you have to stop after each lap. It’s almost like a hot lap challenge, or the old Malibu Gran Prix that used to exist.

Adding another one…

You go up the ramp
And then come down like a roller coaster.

I’ve actually been to this track when I was a kid.

Stellar defense by the lead girl.

Why is it that husbands reflexively try to punt their spouses? Is marriage that hard?

Last time I went indoor karting with my now wife, she got put into the fast split somehow with all my karting buddies, and I had to move her out of the way a couple times when we lapped her.

Winning > everything

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This place also doubles as an opium den…talk about mood lighting.