Kt 100 flooding

I probably shouldn’t have but i fogged my kt 100 about 2 years ago. Just remounted it and tried to start it up. And it flooded. Alot. Took pug out and ran the starter to blow it all out. Getting ready to put in new plug and try it again. But as of yet i haven’t. Was it the fogging stuff ? Will it burn out eventually? And i did replace the diaphragms and sprayed out the carburetor. After a week of sitting. Still wont fire up. Have spark. The more i try it just floods out the exhaust pipe. WTF ???help

I’ve never fogged a kart motor but we used to do that with snowmobiles. I should clear out once run, I think it is mostly oil. As for the flooding, I once flooded my KT so bad I had to completely close off the H and L needles and spin it with a starter then gradually open them back up.

Thanks. I had sleds too. That’s kind of why I did it. Guess just need to flush it out.

The inlet needle in the carb couple be stuck slightly open too. Did you check it and/or clean it when you replaced the diaphragms?

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I did not. Which one is that?. Sorry little bit new to these carburetors.

Hope that help you find the Inlet needle

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Yes. Its all been cleaned and diaphragms replaced. I have good spark. It just wont fire up. Its getting fuel. It dripping out exhaust port the more i try. Soooo. Im stumped. Would piston rings have any impact on this situation?. Thanks

If you have problems with the piston or the piston ring you should also have very low or some times not at all compression at the engine .

Check compression throw your spark plug hole on your cylinder head . But i dont think that this is the problem for that flooded situation

Thanks. But im stumped here. Spark and fuel it should fire …

Too much fuel and it may not fire up though.

From either just plain fouling the plug, or washing down the cylinder and losing compression. If the compression is low enough it will not fire.

There really should not be a lot of fuel coming out the exhaust while trying to start it which makes me suspicious of the inlet needle possibly flooding the engine.

Ok. What should the proper compression read?. And i went thru the carburetor cleaning and replacing all diaphragms. I did not change the inlet needle.

I compression tested my KT100 a couple weeks back to diagnose a problem and got 120psi. My engine guy says that number is fine.

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Check for an obstruction in the air filter or exhaust pipe.
Try starting the engine in a dark area to see if there is any arcing from the spark plug wire or boot.
Could the needles have been swapped around?
Is the pop-off near 9.5 psi?

If it were me I’d remove the fuel line to the carb, then start it using a spray bottle or just pour a little fuel at a time in the cylinder to see if it fires. This will eliminate the carb flooding the cylinder if that is the issue.

Thanks. brand new RLV pipe. Will look for arcing. Not familiar with pop-off. Dont know where or how to set it.

Paul, checking the carb pop-off may not help with your current issue but you will need this for the future.
Here’s a link to rebuilding a carb and checking pop-off:

There are many more on YouTube if you search.

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Thanks for your input. Ill check that out. What about piston ring and compression?. If you saw my original post. All i did was fog the motor before being stored for a year or so. It ran fine before that.

To be honest, have never checked the compression on a kart motor. I would turn the motor over by hand and feel the resistance. Also kept a good maintenance schedule.
And again, I’ve never fogged an engine. The issues I think the fogging might have created is clogging the air filter, coating the rotor or the stator.

I checked compression today. I got 100 psi. Or slightly less?. Too low ???. I have a new ring.

100 is enough for it to fire, I’d call it good for now. If it was reading <60 I’d would say it may make it hard to start. But 100 is in ballpark and will probably go up with once the ring is bedded in and there’s some oil on it