KT 100 to KA100 Motor Mount question/ suggestion

We are switching from KT100 to KA100 for next year. currently have odenthal 5 degree mount on Yamaha.
Can same mount be used? Or should I be looking for a different mount?
It appears engine bolt pattern is the same

Thanks Jim

I just asked my engine builder Doug Fleming and he said they are not the same bolt pattern. If I had the extra doe I would opt for the ordenthal ez mount for the ka. I currently have an OTK magnesium mount for my ka.

Does anyone know what the pattern for the KA is?
You could drill the pattern of course. I’ve had mounts with at least two sets of holes in them in the past.

Ideally you’d want to place the mount and sit the motor on top of it to get a sense of where the clutch\chain is going to line up.

Page 8
Also it’s the same for an x-30

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Thanks for the info guys! And thanks for the KA manual, good info!
From what I found the Yamaha bolt pattern is 70 x 96.
Looks Like I will be shopping for a mount

not sure what your chassis size is but I’ve got a like new OTK Magnesium mount for a 30mm chassis that I’d be willing to part with for reasonable money. Shoot me a PM if you are interested.

I am interested, I think I sent you a PM let me know if you got it.
Thanks Jim Rohrbeck