KT100 Clutch feedback

Hi guys, Sorry about bringing up a old engine model.
But now we have a KT100 series going on.
Does anyone have experience with Red Clutch or Patriot One Disc Clutch?

Welcome to the forum. A little information please. What is the size and weight of the driver, what class and is this a pipe or can motor?

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Not at all, there still a lot of love and knowledge out there for the KT.

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There are many of us that have experience with KT100. I ran a 3 disk Patriot up till I switched to the KA100. What is the issue or question?

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Thanks for the reply. My height 5’9" and 78kg. KT100 stock engine with Yamaha stock pipe.

Thanks, I’m quite new to the KT100 so wanted to know if anyone had tested the Red clutch and Patriot One Disc Clutch and what is recommended for reliability, lifespan and performance.
As Australia uses Red clutch and USA uses Patriot from Comet kart. Trying to find out which is best.

I don’t have knowledge of the Red Clutch but if what I found online is accurate it’s a centrifugal design similar to what is used on a KA100 and has no adjustment for engagement whereas the Comet has springs that allow for adjusting when the clutch locks up. In my experience, the centrifugal design is more reliable but the KT100 will likely perform better when you can adjust the amount of slip. You may also want to consider your track. If there are tight turns where you need the clutch to slip that would favor the Comet design as well. The recommendation would be to consider a 2 or 3 disk design, but I know racers are using the single disk in all levels. You say you are 78Kg which is 172lbs and I assume when you said pipe you are running a tuned pipe vs a 4 hole can. This might be a bit much for 1 disk.

I’m not 100% certain on this, but I believe Australia primarily had the short crank shafts on the clutch side and used the drum style clutch. US primarily (I think) has the long cranks and primarily used disc clutches. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.