KT100 clutch recommendation


I have gotten tired of push starting my KT100 and would like to know what would be a good clutch to use. It would be for senior class with Pipe exhaust, also if someone has a used one that is willing to sell please let me know.

Thank you

Which exhaust? For the SSX “can” exhaust we always liked the Tomar TD23. It’s light and worked well.

For Pipe or something with a higher slip you’ll probably end up with a wet clutch. I always ran a dry clutch in Pipe because it was lighter and didn’t have to worry about oiling it. But it needed rebuilding more often because slipping a dry clutch at 10k+ RPM is pretty hard on it.

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Exhaust is Pipe, forgot to add that. I updated the main post.

Would a 2 disc work?

I wouldn’t do a two disc dry clutch on a Pipe. It probably wouldn’t hold at that high of a stall speed.

You would probably want like a Horstman or L&T 3+ disk wet clutch or the Tomar dry 3-disk.

I don’t have experience with the wet clutch though.

TJ is spot on. We used the L&T wet clutch back in the pipe days. Very good and reliable clutch. Will last forever as long as there is oil in it.


Which pipe are you running? There are a couple different ones. That will change what clutch you want too, as the powerband will be different among the different pipes. The L2 pipe would run around the 15k max RPM range and clutch stall would be like 10k or something. The WKA SR-Y pipe ran around the same RPM but a lower stall speed, more similar to the SSX can if I remember correctly.

I haven’t run the Yamaha SR-Y in 8 years or the L2 in 15 years so my memory is a little fuzzy on the specifics…

Last I ran that class I tried both the L&T 3 disk wet clutch and 3 disk Patriot. I found the L&T to be a pain with the fluid and if there was some issue and the fluid came out while on track your clutch is toast in a hurry. The Partiot was simpler and for me worked just as well. There were senior guys that would run a single disk dry clutch in senior too for the lower overall mass. It has been a few years, so I don’t know if there is still a selection of brands either.

I know guys who ran a single disk on a piped yammi, but they were more maintenance. The 2 discs were more reliable from what I was told.

Things may have advanced since I ran it last. I know we tested single and 2-disk dry clutches and even the Tomar 3-disk we ended up running would heat soak and start to slip sometimes.