KT100 racing

Hi, I am new to karting (Racing outside of k1 speed lol) and just bought a kart. The engine on it is currently a Yamaha KT100. I was wondering if this type of kart is still raced anywhere (specifically east coast or Florida) and if it is not, what engine should a rookie like me be looking at?

Thank you!

OVRP in New York still runs a KT100 class other than that off the top of my head I have no clue where else its ran. ROK and Iame x30 are popular in FL as there are a lot of race series in FL that run those two engine. As a rookie like Jared said below the LO206 and 100cc engine packages are great places to start.

Hey Erika, In Florida we are racing Briggs LO206. Its one of the biggest class and great for rookies to learn how to race on. If you feel like you need a bit more speed you can run the KA100 which is easy maintenance and a growing class.

KT100 is a dying breed, sad cause I’ve figured them out and have a couple of strong ones. They still have a decent following here in the Midwest but I know we’re the exception these days.

The Yamaha was the mainstay engine for many many years, but it’s popularity is waning with the advent of newer push-button start engines that are more reliable, more competitive, and easier to run. There might still be some local clubs running Yamaha classes, as tons of people have them and there is still a desire to race them. If nothing else, it’ll make a good practice engine.

The two booming classes right now are LO206 and KA100, which are growing rapidly in many areas of the country. As a newbie, you can hardly go wrong with a 206 package. It’s cheap, easy and a good place to start to learn good driving habits.

This times 1000

If you can’t find a KT100 field, the lo206 is inexpensive, and even better, you don’t need to spend another 1000 a year rebuilding it.

The kt100 class at OVRP is sadly basically dead. Granted last year i only went to 6 races id say and each time there were only 2 people. Other times no kt100 at all. If it still were more popular id quickly ditch the x30 class and go back to kt, love those things.

We still get 16+ normally at SIRA in Indiana. Whiteland pulls in 12 or more weekly.

If you are in New York/NJ there’s a few folks still running kt100. Tiny field last I looked, like 4 racers in club f-series. Ovrp may have a field, don’t know.